COMP4801. Final Year Project 2021-22

Undergraduate course, Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong, 2021

Student individuals or groups, during the final year of their studies, undertake full end-to-end development of a substantial project, taking it from initial concept through to final delivery. Topics range from applied software development to assignments on basic research. In case of a team project, significant contribution is required from each member and students are assessed individually, such that each student is given a separate project title. Strict standards of quality will be enforced throughout the project development.

Supply Chain Management using Blockhain & NFT

Due to extensive globalisation and rapid growth of the world economy, millions of businesses operating across different regions or countries are now highly interconnected. The interconnection requires extremely smooth and efficient coordination between entities to ensure that business and economies function successfully. This need for coordination has led to the rise of supply chain management solutions and a market which is responsible for the transitioning of goods and services across multiple economies.

In this project, we shall be focusing on one of the core tasks in the supply chain and logistics management industry, which is the tracking and authentication of goods from the origin to their final destination. One of the biggest issues faced in the supply chain industry is the amount of value lost in stolen and tampered goods across its transit. It has also been reported that more than 20% of the stock is lost out due to these inefficiencies.

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Non-Fungible Hong Kong – A Platform Made for Hong Kong Artists & Heritage Owners

Non-Fungible Hong Kong is a NFT marketplace that is designed and built for Hong Kong artists and heritage owners. It combines the idea of “Pokemon GO” and NFT to deliver a platform that enables arts, even intangible arts, to be “felt” through five sense.

Artists and Heritage owners are welcome to post their cultural values digitally on the platform. They can choose to attach a specific geolocation with the art itself. Potential buyers have to travel to that exact destination in order to trade and bid the art piece.

The mission is to bring a true sustainable global economic return for Hong Kong artists and at the same time increase the overall cultural awareness of people in Hong Kong.

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Blockchain based Credential Verification System

The main objective of the project is to create a platform on which users(individuals/organizations) can create and manage self-sovereign digital identities. Moreover, the platform aims to give users the ability to upload documents that are signed by publisher digital signatures. The digital signature can be used to verify the authenticity of the origin of the document by any node on the network.

The solutions will leverage blockchain to decentralize identity management and credential verification for users. This will empower individuals by giving them absolute control over their digital identity. Users will now own their data and can choose to charge organizations or other individuals for access to this data. Users can choose how much data they want to share and who they want to share it with.

The use cases of a digital identity management system range from verification in sectors such as education to financial services and cross-border travel. It also gives organizations and businesses the ability to generate documents such as a person’s birth certificate and publish them onto the blockchain which the user can later use to verify their identity while applying for a college education or a passport.

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